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Military & Security Driver Training

Trusted by the most elite forces in our military

Our goal is very simple – To provide our DoD and State customers with the skills necessary to predictably and safely negotiate any terrain, in any vehicle, anywhere in the world. Our comprehensive COI comes from over twenty years of experience training elite military teams in the operation, recovery, and expedient repair of tactical off road vehicles.

At OEX we know what this means firsthand. Moving in the most marginal of areas and conditions, means not only driving unfamiliar or non-standard vehicles, but also recovering them when stuck and repairing them when necessary. Our curriculum is designed to teach the science of off-road driving in three core areas: Driving, Recovery, and Repair all under the umbrella of an adaptable, well-thought-out, and executed plan. We have created a dynamic curriculum that delivers driver proficiency in a wide range of vehicles - From non-standard (NSV) to up-armored MATV and GMV platforms. (1.1 “Flyer” and RG-class) our dedicated mission-focused curriculum assures teams get up to speed quickly.

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